hi there!

i'm pax callow, and i'll be drawing lucid spring for you today. well, every monday. lucid spring is a coming-of-age storyset in a big, titular city in a world called diculn. it revolves around the progressively more entwined lives of four young people as they take it upon themselves to keep hold of the troubled peace in the city they call their home.

all the while, they become involved in the mystery of a resurfacing terrorist organization, powerful, unexplainable magic affecting their lives, trouble with the regional authorities called the heroes, and poorly timed poop jokes. and friendship. a lot of friendship.

it's a story about toughing it out through adversity! if you like hope, but need some examples of hope in rough circumstances, this is a comic for you.

this is a comic that's been in the works in my mind for quite a few years, and one day i finally decided to base my life around creating it and seeing it through to the end. because it's kind of a long story.

if you enjoy lucid spring and want to help it out, consider supporting me through ko-fi! your kindness will live in my heart forever.