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3rd Dec 2014, 6:17 PM


reboot spring

hey, all the three-ish people that read this comic. it's been, what? a year? hang on let me go check the exact time that it's been.

okay, yeah. it's been a year and a couple months since i updated this comic. there are a couple of reasons for that, most of them being the fact that i was in school and also lazy and incompetent. luckily that first thing has changed, maybe not so much the second one, but what i'm trying to get at here is i'm rebooting lucid spring. (with my improved art style. here's a glance at what the new pages will look like!) yeah. save these first couple of pages for posterity when this comic makes me a hundred thousand dollars because you're about to not see them soon.

here's what i want to do next!

  • how about a 15 page buffer, huh?
  • solid shading. none of that super blendy shit i've been doing.
  • never again will i handwrite speech bubbles. actually i'm probably still going to be handwriting speech bubbles. until i can find a: a better font and b: not sai because it doesn't have text.

so yeah, stay tuned in HOPEFULLY the next couple of months you tiny amount of people reading this. things may happen!