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18th Jan 2016, 2:21 AM


a strategic rest

hello, readers of lucid spring! this comic has been going on for... a little over half a year at this point. but that's barely a dent into the entirety of this comic! ... which is why i feel it's okay to say lucid spring is going on hiatus. (see how i jumped right to the point there?)

now, this hiatus is for a number of reasons, but the driving reason (and the reason that creates all the other reasons) is school.

drawing lucid spring and doing classes (online classes, but nonetheless) at the same time has made me kind of sloppy in both of these things. when i started lucid spring, it was in the middle of summer and i had a buffer of fifteen pages. but when school began that september, i realized how difficult it was to keep up both of these things at once, and my buffer slowly depleted until, recently, i was drawing week by week! and on the other hand, i'm behind in one of my courses, and i know it needs my full attention.

it really all comes down to how soon i want to kick into overdrive with this comic. if i kept trying to juggle dumb senior year and the great lucid spring, it could take me well into june to finish my classes. but if i focused on school now, i could burn through my classes by march or early april! and after that, senior year of highschool would be over and i would be free to draw for the rest of my waking life! pages could start coming in more often, they'd be better quality overall, and they'd be even MORE secured in their schedule! in the end, i know this is the right decision. (especially when the pages i'm knocking out on this week by week basis aren't really up to my standards.)

but! this hiatus will be nowhere near as long as the one between lucid spring beta and Lucid Spring. i'll never stop drawing, and i'll be sure to spam lucid spring outskirts with sketches and concept art.

i've learned a shitton about drawing comics (and just drawing in general) over the past 30 weeks of LS, and i'm extremely excited to learn more! after i learn more. like, in an academic sense. but that won't be likely. judging by the american school system

see you soon!

26th Aug 2015, 8:58 PM


a change of pace

... m.

hey, everyone! been a while between author blogs.

i just want everyone to know that there will be no update for thursday the 27th! the purpose for this is simply so that when this comic makes its transition in the far future into a twice-weekly updating comic, the change will be more seamless. plus, always looking for another way for mondays to suck a little less than they do.

starting tomorrow until monday, i will be posting sketches and concept art in this little place over here- lucid spring outskirts. at least once daily until the main comic here updates on monday!

so get ready for some silly concept art and sketches until then, and get ready for our new blonde friend here to say a few things...

24th Jun 2015, 12:46 AM


return of the buffer

hello! if you're reading this at the time that it's been published, then i have GREAT NEWS! if you're reading it after thursday the 25th, then i guess this doesn't apply to you. but it's still great news.

the 15-page buffer for lucid spring has just been completed, literally like two minutes ago. that's right. only six months later, and the day of comicing has finally come!

so, beyond celebration, it's time to talk schedule. the prologue's title page, and its first page, are going to be up on thursday together, so check for both. after that, the comic is going to update once a week. at some point i plan to move the update day to monday! whenever that happens, i'll draw supplementary material (read: stupid mini comics and concept art) to hold the comic over from that thursday to that monday.

looking much much further into the future, if all goes well i will start updating lucid spring twice weekly. i am drawing faster every day, but i have to make sure i can support a 15 page buffer while putting out two pages per week.

the first few pages were drawn across several months, but after that, production sped up. so expect to see some different techniques and things at first as i worked out what worked best.

so, that's about it! the prologue, Pacem and Viktor, goes up on thursday.

prepare yourself for a strange world and all that slogany bullcrap, i don't even know, it's 1 am,