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4th Apr 2016, 1:54 PM


the rebuilding

aaand hello again, readers!

one week from my previous blog post, i am happy to announce that minutes ago i have just finished my last lesson of literature, and with it my last lesson of senior year. with graduation sometime in may, i can't say that i have officially- well, duh- graduated yet, but as it stands i am finished with all daily lessons. a month early! told ya!

and now, why that's exciting: the buffer can begin. ... again. but like i said, this hiatus while i build up the buffer again will be nowhere as long as the hiatus after lucid spring beta. no real estimate on when updates begin again, but congratulations if you've been wanting to see more! because you're gonna!

i can't begin to tell you how excited i am to get drawing again. between a prologue that's been in establishing-mode up to this point and the bit of writing and drawing chops i've picked up in my time off from updating, i'm eager to move forward into the second half of the prologue and the many chapters that will come afterward. it's gonna be a looong story, but i just cannot wait to share lucid spring with you all.

see you real soon!

28th Mar 2016, 10:18 PM


don't call it a comeback

hey, readers! i... i don't know who would be reading this on the date of release, but nonetheless, it's going out for the record!

well, it's been a while since my last comic update, and it's been a while since my last blog update. since then, though, i've been schooling away every day, wiping out my courses. as of this blog i've just killed off pre-calculus and all that remains is literature. once i get through literature, i will be released from my academic responsibilites and lucid spring can resume in full!

so, this isn't a comeback quite yet, but we're getting very, intimately close. i expect to be done very early in april, at which point i'll resume my buffer. more on that when the time comes. until then, scan the skies!


18th Jan 2016, 2:21 AM


a strategic rest

hello, readers of lucid spring! this comic has been going on for... a little over half a year at this point. but that's barely a dent into the entirety of this comic! ... which is why i feel it's okay to say lucid spring is going on hiatus. (see how i jumped right to the point there?)

now, this hiatus is for a number of reasons, but the driving reason (and the reason that creates all the other reasons) is school.

drawing lucid spring and doing classes (online classes, but nonetheless) at the same time has made me kind of sloppy in both of these things. when i started lucid spring, it was in the middle of summer and i had a buffer of fifteen pages. but when school began that september, i realized how difficult it was to keep up both of these things at once, and my buffer slowly depleted until, recently, i was drawing week by week! and on the other hand, i'm behind in one of my courses, and i know it needs my full attention.

it really all comes down to how soon i want to kick into overdrive with this comic. if i kept trying to juggle dumb senior year and the great lucid spring, it could take me well into june to finish my classes. but if i focused on school now, i could burn through my classes by march or early april! and after that, senior year of highschool would be over and i would be free to draw for the rest of my waking life! pages could start coming in more often, they'd be better quality overall, and they'd be even MORE secured in their schedule! in the end, i know this is the right decision. (especially when the pages i'm knocking out on this week by week basis aren't really up to my standards.)

but! this hiatus will be nowhere near as long as the one between lucid spring beta and Lucid Spring. i'll never stop drawing, and i'll be sure to spam lucid spring outskirts with sketches and concept art.

i've learned a shitton about drawing comics (and just drawing in general) over the past 30 weeks of LS, and i'm extremely excited to learn more! after i learn more. like, in an academic sense. but that won't be likely. judging by the american school system

see you soon!