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2nd Apr 2018, 9:13 AM


Stopping For A Breath

and so, that's it for lucid spring chapter one. i sincerely thank everyone for reading. i am extremely grateful for how the audience for this comic has grown since the prologue and all the comments everyone has left. i'm glad everyone seems to be digging what i've dished out so far for this story!
but now that the first chapter is over, lucid spring will be going on a hiatus. i've been thinking on this for a while, and i think it's the right choice. drawing these pages on a week-by-week basis has really worn me down, especially when my current work pipeline means a buffer is... difficult to sustain. i need some time to breathe and to work out a simpler, but visually pleasing art style.
on top of that, i'm excited to work on other projects! in the downtime, i'm going to be working on the first issue of a comic series called A Comprehensive Guide, an episodic sci-fi series about a girl and an AI in their small eccentric town. s'real fun. i'll also have the freedom to work on other small projects (screenplays, fanfiction, whatever!) along the way.
so, i'm estimating Q4 2018 for the return of lucid spring, but it may be as late as Q1 2019. i'm happy to be taking this much-needed break, but i promise not to stay away for too too long. i don't think i'm capable of it. i'm so, so excited for where lucid spring will be going next, and i hope you all are too!
thank you for reading!

13th Jun 2016, 12:24 AM


the return

hello! it's like the cusp of a new day. i should not be awake right now, but if I'M awake, YOU'RE awake, and you're going to hear this awesome news! even if you're in a completely different timeframe right now, rendering this information meaningless!

lucid spring comes back monday, june 13th. get ready.

callow out.

4th Apr 2016, 1:54 PM


the rebuilding

aaand hello again, readers!

one week from my previous blog post, i am happy to announce that minutes ago i have just finished my last lesson of literature, and with it my last lesson of senior year. with graduation sometime in may, i can't say that i have officially- well, duh- graduated yet, but as it stands i am finished with all daily lessons. a month early! told ya!

and now, why that's exciting: the buffer can begin. ... again. but like i said, this hiatus while i build up the buffer again will be nowhere as long as the hiatus after lucid spring beta. no real estimate on when updates begin again, but congratulations if you've been wanting to see more! because you're gonna!

i can't begin to tell you how excited i am to get drawing again. between a prologue that's been in establishing-mode up to this point and the bit of writing and drawing chops i've picked up in my time off from updating, i'm eager to move forward into the second half of the prologue and the many chapters that will come afterward. it's gonna be a looong story, but i just cannot wait to share lucid spring with you all.

see you real soon!